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It has been a while since we’ve posted an update!

As you may have read, the Greyfriars team are coming back! We are so excited to host this again in 2023 – it has been much too long!

NEW CLASS: We are working on a group Learn to Swim class for the new year! Stay tuned for details!

Wait List Update: We do still have a wait list, but we are working through it, and soon plan to have two hydrotherapists in the water at once (one afternoon a week at this point) with dogs who are able to tolerate the proximity of another dog. Each dog will have their own hydrotherapist, and there won’t be interactions between the dogs. (This is not a group class.)

COVID Protocol Update – November 2022. If you are wearing a mask, we will put ours on as well. All high touch surfaces will continue to be sanitized between sessions. Hand sanitizer is available inside the door, should you wish to use it. If you are unwell, please either stay at home, or you may drop your dog off and wait in your vehicle (if your pup can manage confidently without you).

Stay healthy, Everyone!

Greyfriars Returns 2023!

After so long away, Greyfriars is coming back May 20 – 26 2023 to offer the practicum portion of their esteemed Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy training course!!! We are super excited to host the professional team from the UK back to Coastal Canine – ‘Excellence’ describes their curriculum and presentation (as well as the care they give at their UK based Veterinary Rehab clinic)! This is the only planned stop in North America. RACE approved.

Email for more information or to register interest in further studies/reunion.

Phone and Fax

Hi Folks,

Periodically we experience phone and fax outages – we will post on Facebook when we do.   When this happens, please email us at  Thank you!