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Coastal Canine’s 10th Anniversary & Smiling Blue Skies Fundraiser!

On January 27, 2024, we hosted a BBQ and Pool Races for registered dogs, and made it a fundraiser for Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund – in fact, we made all of February a ‘Smiling Blue Skies’ donation month. Check out to see their wonderful work in conjunction with Guelph University. We were able to send them $1000! Thank you to everyone who came, and who volunteered to make this event a success! (We still have the gorgeous insulated bottles to sell for them – $30!)

Here is a link to the slide show Lisa Lauf and Jackson Rooper made or the races:

AND we made the news!

An exciting start to 2024!

Phone and Fax

Hi Folks,

Periodically we experience phone and fax outages – we will post on Facebook when we do.   When this happens, please email us at  Thank you!